R1 is the ultimate radon gas monitor for measuring indoor air. With new technology R1 can within a 24-hour period of continual measurement show an accurate indication of radon amount.
R1 does exactly what is needed when you are doing a radon gas measurement. On the front you find two diodes that shows if the value is over or under the threshold value. You can, if you want, very easily change the preinstalled threshold value, which is 200 Bq/m3(5,5 pCi/l).
We know for example that at real estate sales there are very seldom time for long-term-measurements. R1 is then an excellent and priceworthy choice.
R1 is based on patented Swedish measurement technology and is reference calibrated according to the Swedish Radiation Protection Institute.

R1 has several advantages compared to the traditional “alpha track detector”. Nothing bad about alpha track detectors, but the result depends
on who is developing and counting the dots. R1 eliminates the human error. Furthermore it registries if it’s moved from the place where the measurement is started.

Measured data are always stored in the memory, which can be read by a PC and presented in your own report!.see example>

After completed measurement you connect R1 to your PC and gets a diagram that shows how the amount of radon has varied during the measurement time. Through this you can see the differences in the content during different parts of a 24-hour period. As a user this means that you get an informative and detailed documentation.

R1 is also suitable for long-term-measurements with its memory on 4000 hours.